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Why Not Lease a Car? Lebanon MO

Someone who is currently leasing a car wants out of their lease. It might be for financial reasons, health reasons, a divorce, or that they simply want another car. They leased the car less than three years ago (most leases are 2-3 years) before the economy went sour.

Hertz - Signature Flight Support
(314) 426-7555
5995 McDonnell Boulevard
St. Louis, MO
0800-2200 7 Days
Special Services
Child Seats, Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers Only In-Car Navigation System , Gold Counter Service
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This location is for Private Flights only.

Toyota Rent A Car
(816) 358-7600
501 NE Colbern Rd
Lees Summit, MO
Hertz - Kansas City International Airport
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One Nassau Circle
Kansas City, MO
0500-0030 7 Days
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Child Seats, Gold Canopy , Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers Only In-Car Navigation System
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After Hours - After hour returns are allowed. Record the return date and time, mileage and tank level on the rental agreement jacket. Leave the keys and rental agreement in the drop box located at the end of the rental counter.

Hertz - Square D Company
(573) 442-9933
4800 Paris Road
Columbia, MO
24 Hours, 7 Days
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Child Seats, Gold Counter Service
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This location is for Square D Employees only and requires a 48 hours advance notice. After Hours - After hour pickups must be made at least 24 hours in advance. After hour returns are allowed for Square D employees only. Park car in the visitor parking. Drop box is located in the Square D Company facility. All other after hour returns must be made to the Columbia Airport or the Holiday Inn Select Center HLE locations.

Enterprise Auto Rental
(636) 536-0424
7543 Chesterfield Airport Rd
Chesterfield, MO
U-Haul Company
(636) 980-9111
2000 Highway K
O Fallon, MO
Hertz Local Edition
(816) 420-0123
7321 N Oak Traffic Way
Gladstone, MO
U-Haul Company
(636) 272-8515
1935 E Terra Ln
O Fallon, MO
Walden Bros Auto Sales & Rentals
(573) 221-CARS
2640 Market St
Hannibal, MO
Enterprise Auto Rental
(314) 965-5530
1124 Manchester Rd
Kirkwood, MO

Why Not Lease a Car?

Many automotive consumers understand that car leasing offers low monthly payments but question whether it has drawbacks that might make it a bad choice for them. The answer is, yes, leasing has potential disadvantages and there are reasons that some people should not do it. Let's take a look.

Do Not Lease, If ...
Do not lease your next car if your lifestyle is not settled and stable. If your job is in jeopardy, or you are about to get married, or you have an illness or poor health, or you might get divorced soon, or your finances are shaky – you should not lease a car. Any of these factors my cause you to not complete your lease as you originally agreed to do. Leases are designed to be completed as scheduled and can be very troublesome and costly to terminate early. Some of the most common complaints about leasing come from people who want to get out early and find it so difficult. If you think there is a chance you might have to end your lease early, then don't lease. It is much easier to get out of loan than a lease.

Do not lease your next car if you drive a large number of miles. Leasing saves money for people who drive about 15,000 miles a year or less — because depreciation, for which leasing pays, is only about half the total value of the vehicle. More miles means greater depreciation and a larger chunk of a vehicle's value, which makes leasing less beneficial. Even if you buy the extra miles you'll need, leasing makes less se...

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