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Salvage Car Auctions and Insurance Auctions Houston TX

Read on to learn how to find cheap salvage and totaled cars being sold at auction by insurance companies. Learn about salvage auctions, insurance auctions, and buying theft-recovered vehicles. Find great project cars for sale and totaled cars for sale.

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Salvage Car Auctions and Insurance Auctions

Auto insurance companies buy and sell cars? It's true. However the cars are those that have been wrecked, weather damaged, or stolen, meaning that the insured owners of those vehicles have been paid by the insurance company after the vehicles have been declared total losses (totaled). The company attempts to recover some of its money by selling the vehicles, usually at salvage auction through an insurance salvage auction company.

Bargains at salvage auctions
It is possible to find outstanding bargains and relatively cheap cars by knowing how insurance salvage auctions work and where to find them. In many cases the cars are in great shape and need little or no repairs. Salvage and totaled cars can often make great project cars.

A large
car dealer in Texas had most of his new cars partially under water during a recent flood. The dealer's insurance company decided to declare all of the cars as total losses and paid the dealer. The insurance company then became the owner of the cars, some with major water damage and some with almost no damage. The company will sell the cars at auction with salvage titles. Smart buyers can pick up the cars, often at bargain prices, and repair them to resell or drive as their personal cars.

Another example: An insurance company's customer had his new car stolen. The police were unsuccessful in locating the vehicle. The insurance company paid the customer the cash value of the car. A few months later,...

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Insurance Auto Auction Houston TX
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