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Car Pricing Secrets Brentwood TN

This is the inside story on car prices and how car dealers and manufacturers affect the price you pay. Read on to learn about invoice prices and negotiating sales price.

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Car Pricing Secrets

In order to understand what price you might expect to pay for your next car, you must first understand how new car pricing really works. As you know, pricing is very important whether you lease or buy.

Different customers can pay widely different prices โ€” for the same car, at the same dealer, on the same day โ€” depending on each customer's knowledge of how car pricing works.

New car dealers expect most customers to negotiate price. Unfortunately, negotiating is not easy. Buying a new car is more like haggling for a donkey in Marrakech than buying a refrigerator at Sears.

Dealers are able to quickly spot customers who don't have the knowledge to negotiate well. Knowledge is key.

Let's take a look at how dealer pricing works.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
First, for new cars, automobile manufacturers decide the retail price that will be set on each model, each model variation ("trim"), and each option. Combined, these prices become the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). These prices can change from year to year for the same models, or can even change one or more times during a model year.

MSRP becomes the "sticker price" โ€” the price shown on the vehicle's attached window sticker. There will also be additional charges for transport and preparation ("destination charge"), and distributor/dealer installed options. These charges are not technically part of the MSRP, but are part of w...

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