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Car Lease Takeover Barre VT

A car lease takeover, or lease transfer, offers a good way to get into a car when finances and credit are tight. Low payments and no down payment, even cash back, makes for some great deals.

U-Haul Company
(336) 226-6136
812 Plantation Dr
Burlington, VT
U-Haul Company
(336) 229-1118
1550 Industry Dr
Burlington, VT
Hertz - Rutland Airport
(802) 775-3353
1002 Airport Road
Rutland, VT
Mo-Fr 0800-1800, Sa-Su 0900-1600
Special Services
Child Seats, Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers Only

Avis Rent A Car
(336) 227-3260
3441 N Aviation Dr
Burlington, VT
U-Haul Company
(336) 222-0805
910 S Church St
Burlington, VT
Enterprise Rent A Car
(336) 229-0336
2326 N Church St
Burlington, VT
Hertz Penske Truck Rental
(336) 584-2080
628 Huffman Mill Rd
Burlington, VT
Hertz - Amtrak Essex Junction
(802) 864-7409
29 Railroad Avenue
Burlington, VT
Mo-Fr 0615-2330, Sa-Su 0700-2330
Special Services
Child Seats, Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers Only , Ski Equipped Vehicles
Additional Information
After Hours - After hour rentals are allowed. Cab fare up to $20.00 will be reimbursed with receipt. Location is approximately 5 miles from the Burlington Airport.

Penske Truck Rental
(336) 584-9142
866 Huffman Mill Rd
Burlington, VT
U-Haul Company
(336) 227-0223
2528 N Church St
Burlington, VT

Car Lease Takeover

In a tough economy, automotive consumers look for new ways to be able to get into the cars they need and want. Lease takeovers, or lease transfers, are increasingly providing the ideal answer for many of these consumers. Although lease transfers have been around for years, it has now become the hottest new way to acquire a late model automobile at the lowest possible cost.

Here's how a car lease takeover works
Someone who is currently leasing a car wants out of their lease. It might be for financial reasons, health reasons, a divorce, or that they simply want another car. They leased the car less than three years ago (most leases are 2-3 years) before the economy went sour. They might have made a large down payment or traded a relatively new car, or perhaps took advantage of a special promotional lease deal, which created low monthly payments.

They now want out of their lease and are willing to let someone else take over the car and lease, along with its low payments. In many cases, they are offering cash as an incentive to make the deal even more attractive.

What is a car lease takeover?
Sometimes called a lease trade or lease swap, taking over a car lease is simply a process by which someone takes over (assumes) the lease of another. It is primarily a paperwork process. Both the car and the lease change hands. The new lessee simply takes the car and begins making the same monthly payment as the original lessee under the same lease agreement, ...

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