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Car Lease Insurance Calhoun GA

Car insurance rates are important when leasing. Coverage requirements are higher than most people already have. Find the lowest lease insurance rates by comparing quotes from multiple companies.

Allstate Auto Insurance
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Cunningham Insurance Agency
(706) 625-5002
409 Oothcalooga Street
Calhoun, GA
Lunsford- Thomas G
(706) 629-7346
972 Highway 53 Spur SW
Calhoun, GA
Dean & Moore Insurance Agency
(706) 629-3314
127 Kenmorland Circle
Calhoun, GA
Haggard Insurance Agency
(706) 602-4686
1012 South Wall Street
Calhoun, GA
Kessler- Julie K - State Farm Insurance Agent
(706) 625-1185
614 Red Bud Road Northeast
Calhoun, GA
Chapman- Kent L
(706) 629-2274
108 Court Street
Calhoun, GA
Greeson Insurance Associates
(706) 602-2620
421 South Wall Street
Calhoun, GA
Ben Lindsey Agency
(706) 629-5400
519 Oothcalooga Street
Calhoun, GA
Accountable Insurance Agency
(706) 602-2889
203 Richardson Road Suite 70
Calhoun, GA

Car Lease Insurance

Most auto lease companies require you to maintain insurance coverage as follows:

  • Liability coverage: $100,000 per person / $300,000 per occurrence
  • Property liability coverage: $50,000
  • Comprehensive and collision for actual value with no more than $500 deductible.

In Canada, $1,000,000 in liability coverage is required for car insurance when leasing.

This may be more coverage than you would normally buy, which could mean an additional leasing expense — unless you know how to get better rates. Most people are already paying too much for insurance, before they lease.

What's the deal with car insurance when leasing?

When you lease, your vehicle belongs to the lease company. They want to make sure that their investment is covered should you have an accident that damages or destroys the vehicle, or if the vehicle is stolen. They may also want you to have sufficient liability coverage in case you are at fault in causing an accident. This not only protects you from financial disaster, but it also protects the lease company if they should be held partly responsible.

Of course, having sufficient car insurance coverage is smart whether you are leasing or not. Many people attempt to get by with minimum coverage required by law but it's a big risk since there's so much to lose. Accidents do happen. Large lawsuits are common. If you have insufficient car insurance coverage, you can be personally sued for additional money after ...

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