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Car Insurance Rates Brigham City UT

Although many of the vehicles have been abandoned because they have broken down and no longer run, some can be restored to good operating condition at minimum cost and effort. However, other vehicles, some in excellent condition, have been left unclaimed for reasons we can only imagine.

Price- Dan R
(435) 723-8798
23 E 700 S
Brigham City, UT
Thomas M Ehrhart Ins Agcy Inc - State Farm Insurance Agent
(435) 734-2054
29 East 200 North
Brigham City, UT
Huber-Leavitt Insurance Agency
(435) 257-0155
216 East Main Street
Tremonton, UT
Allstate Insurance Companies
(435) 257-5320
216 East Main Street
Tremonton, UT
Eldon Cottle Insur Agency Inc - State Farm Insurance Agent
(801) 782-6601
2313 North 400 East
North Ogden, UT
Leavitt Group of Northern Utah
(435) 723-2614
86 South Main Street
Brigham City, UT
Jeppesen Insurance Agency Inc - State Farm Insurance Agent
(435) 257-3940
60 North 100 West
Tremonton, UT
Layton Brent C
(435) 257-3829
305 East Main Street
Tremonton, UT
Gleason Cheri Agency Producer Insurance
(435) 257-3829
305 East Main Street
Tremonton, UT
Allstate Insurance Companies
(801) 737-9039
2271 North 400 East
Ogden, UT

Car Insurance Rates

Auto insurance companies are in business to maximize profits by increasing rates and reducing claim payouts. Every action taken by these companies is aimed at one or both of these objectives. Sometimes intentional abuses occur.

Insurance-buying consumers have objectives that are in direct opposition โ€” low rates and a fair no-hassle claim process โ€” and must take personal initiative to avoid abuse, get fair service, and save money.

What can we do? The following tips show you how to look for common car insurance problems that can cost you money โ€” and what to do about the problems when you find them.

Watch your options
In some states, insurance companies are required by law to provide you certain coverage which are, in fact, optional. However, you have to expressly notify the company in writing of your desire to remove the coverage.

Accident waiver scam
Most auto insurance companies will not raise your rates after a single accident. However, some companies, such as Allstate, now make you think they do, and offer a special package (Allstate's Gold Protection Package) at extra cost. The package offers what they call Accident Waiver Enhancement with which you are forgiven for an accident, which you already have without the package. In fairness, it also provides a deductible reduction over time if you have no accidents. You should evaluate the entire package before making a decision.

Check your renewal for ...

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