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Car Donation Conover NC

Looking for information on Car Donation in Conover? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Conover that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find information on Car Donation in Conover.

Gds Inc
(828) 327-3119
130 Somerset Dr NW
Conover, NC
Commercial Plastics Recycling
(828) 466-2711
721 Shea Rd
Newton, NC
Gds - Hickory
(828) 256-2158
4062 Section House Rd
Hickory, NC
Sonoco Recycling
(828) 327-5701
261 10th Street Pl NW
Hickory, NC
Caldwell County Recycle Center
(828) 396-1286
4904 Grace Chapel Rd
Granite Falls, NC
Recycling Equipment
(704) 325-3535
2052 Industrial Dr
Newton, NC
Mountain Recycling
(828) 327-4311
1065 3RD Ave NW
Hickory, NC
Recycling Equipment Inc
(828) 304-0195
1008 18TH St NE
Hickory, NC
Gold & Silver Recycling Co
(828) 855-2352
3034 N Center St
Hickory, NC
Caldwell County Recycle Ctr
(828) 726-0588
2886 Connelly Springs Rd
Granite Falls, NC

Donate Car - How Car Donation Works and How to Benefit

Donating your old car can save you money and help a well-deserving charity

How does it work?
You donate your used vehicle to a legitimate charity or not-for-profit organization that either sells the vehicle or uses it for their own purposes, and you receive a tax deduction and the pleasure of knowing you helped someone in need.

Who can I donate to?
You can donate to any organization that is an IRS approved 501(c)3 charity, which may also include qualified educational and religious organizations. Many churches and other religious groups are not required to be approved, but are neverthless qualifed.

If you have a specific organization in mind, it will be able to tell you if they are eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable donations.

If you want to donate and need to locate an organization, search on the IRS's . Many organizations have web sites which make it easy to donate your car online.

What can I donate?
You can donate any type of motor vehicle that is normally titled in your state. This would include cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, and RVs. Some will also accept non-titled vehicles such as snowmobiles, ATVs, and gocarts.

Does the vehicle have to be in running condition?
In most cases, no. Most charitable organizations will accept any vehicle that is worth more than the cost of picking it up and towing it.

Must I have the vehicle title?
In most cases, yes. You turn over your title just as if you were se...

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