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Can't Afford Car Los Lunas NM

If you can't make car payments and in danger of having your car repossessed, you might have some options. Learn what you can do to save your car and your credit.

Santa Fe, NM
Payday Loans
(505) 865-8885
3476 State Highway 47
Los Lunas, NM
Wells Fargo Financial
(505) 866-1308
2510 Main St NE Ste J
Los Lunas, NM
(505) 565-0643
3526 State Highway 47
Los Lunas, NM
Check 'n Go
(505) 565-9743
830 Main St NE
Los Lunas, NM
Bank of the West
(505) 866-7154
2351 Main St SE
Los Lunas, NM
Wells Fargo Bank Na
(505) 865-9618
1027 Main St SW
Los Lunas, NM
Pawn City Inc
(505) 865-8885
Los Lunas, NM
Dash For Cash
(505) 565-3911
207 Highway 314 SW
Los Lunas, NM
Sun Loan Company
(505) 565-9414
2211B Main St SE
Los Lunas, NM

Can't Afford Car

In a tough economy when jobs are being lost and finances are tight, it is often a struggle to make car payments. Many people find themselves in a situation in which they are behind on car payments and can no longer afford their car — or can't afford payments to buy another car (see ).

Cars are being repossessed and returned to banks and finance companies at an alarming rate. Even when people can no longer make payments and voluntarily return their cars, they find it doesn't solve their problems. In fact, it often makes the problem worse. Problems are especially acute for people with upside down loans – they owe more than their car is worth.

If you arrived at this page because you are looking for repossessed cars for sale or auction, see our article, .

To stop making payments on a car loan, or having missed a series of payments, puts the car loan in "default." The definition of "default" can vary between lenders, but it is always defined in the loan contract. It defines the conditions under which a loan goes into default and what can happen as a result.

Let's take a look at the problem and examine some possible solutions.

Refinancing your car loan or lease
Many people feel that if they could just get a little lower monthly payment, they could keep their car and continue paying off their loan or lease. One way, they feel, is to refinance their loan or lease. It seems to work with home mortgages, so why...

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