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Buying Totaled Cars Anderson SC

Damaged and totaled cars can be great opportunities for a cheap car. Many wrecked or storm damaged vehicles become salvage vehicles that have been written off by insurance companies. Many are repairable and can make good project cars.

Anderson County Recycling Center - Anderson
(864) 260-1001
109 King David
Anderson, SC

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Seneca Micronics
(864) 882-6580
110 E. North 1st St.
Seneca, SC

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Sonoco Recycling
(864) 225-8651
1825 White St
Anderson, SC
Anderson Woodwaste & Recycling
(864) 226-2629
685 Monitor Dr
Anderson, SC
Residue Recycling Incorporated
(864) 646-8842
6515 Highway 76
Pendleton, SC
Earth Protection Services (SC)
(864) 847-7700
102 Twentynine Court
Williamston, SC

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Western Micronics
(864) 882-6580
110-112 E. North 1st Street
Seneca, SC

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Taylor Pallets & Recycling
(864) 296-5001
3571 Abbeville Hwy
Anderson, SC
Residue Recycling Inc
(864) 646-8842
Po Box 476
Sandy Springs, SC
Anderson County Recyle Center
(864) 348-2893
1300 Old Bell Rd
Iva, SC
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Buying Totaled Cars

Along with hurricanes, floods, hail, and tornadoes come destroyed and damaged cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Some are new cars that have been damaged or flooded while sitting on dealer lots. Others are used cars owned by individuals, dealers, and businesses.

Many of these vehicles have been totaled – written off as total losses – by insurance companies. These become "salvage" vehicles.

Flood damaged cars or weather damaged cars are often written off – "totaled" – by insurance companies as complete losses which, in effect, invalidates the titles since the vehicles don't legally exist any longer. However, since many of these vehicles are actually repairable and can be reasonably cleaned up, they can return to life as rebuilt salvage vehicles.

Salvage vehicles are sold at to rebuilders and the public at .

Salvage cars and flood damaged cars can, at the same time, be both great opportunities or great problems. Rebuilding salvage vehicles can be a rewarding endeavor, or even become a profitable business. However, if you're simply in the market for a good used car and are unknowingly sold a vehicle with hidden damage, you will be very disappointed, to say the least.

Damaged and salvage vehicles also make good project cars.

What's a salvage title?
Salvage cars are those that have been damaged or totaled, paid off (and therefore purchased) by insurance firms, who then can sell these cars t...

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