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Best Cars for Teenagers Duncanville TX

We recommend the best first cars for teen drivers. Teenagers and parents often differ on car choices, but a number of vehicle makes/models can satisfy both. Read on to learn more information below.

Jim Allee Corporation
(214) 348-7500
12277 Shiloh Road
Dallas, TX
Auto Body Repair,Auto Repair,Clutch Repair,Used Car Dealers,Auto Dealers

Auto Liquidators Dallas
(214) 453-0507
39670 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway
Dallas, TX
9am-6pm M-F, 9am-4pm Sat.

Chacon Suzuki
(972) 572-7007
39490 LBJ Freeway South
Dallas, TX
Bumper Mart / Avalon Auto Parts
(972) 263-3676
3306 E. Jefferson St. Ste C
Grand Prairie, TX
Auto Trade of Dallas
(214) 269-5195
2700 n stemmons fwy
dallas, TX
Car Makes

Metroplex Toyota
(972) 780-1166
39660 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy
Dallas, TX

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Freedom Chevrolet
(972) 298-4911
8008 Marvin D Love Fwy
Dallas, TX

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CEDAR Hills Auto Sales Incorporated
(972) 299-9997
350 S Highway 67
Cedar Hill, TX

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G and C Auto Sales
(214) 678-0689
4943 Singleton Blvd
Dallas, TX
Carpoint Dfw
(972) 237-9144
2230 E Main St
Grand Prairie, TX

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Best Cars for Teenagers

Is there a perfect first car for teens? Deciding on the best car for teenage drivers depends on who is doing the deciding — the teen or their parents.

Teenagers and their parents tend to have different objectives and priorities when it comes to cars, although it's often not difficult for the two parties to come to a mutually agreeable decision, especially when each party is willing to compromise a little. In this article, we'll try to look at the subject of first cars from both points of view.

What Teens Want
Most teenagers place considerable importance on a car's style (sporty), appearance (cool), performance (fast), size (room for friends), and accessories (customization). Girls also like "cute" cars.

An automobile is a projection of a teen's personality, sense of freedom, and desire for peer approval — as well as possibly serving a practical need for getting back and forth to school and job.

What Parents Want
Parents want safe cars for their teens. Parents also place importance on economy (low purchase cost, low operation cost, and low maintenance cost), reliability/dependability, and low insurance cost.

Teens who are expected to pay their own way may also place importance on many of these factors.

Cost is a Factor
The first issue that most young drivers and their parents usually struggle with when deciding on a first car is that of cost, which typically leads to the issue of used-versus-new.

An ...

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